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Yes, we are a drapery workroom !

Often being asked: what exactly do we do ? It’s in our name, but let me clarify. Skilled craftsmen in sewing draperies would begin to describe it, but there is more to being engaged in the art of custom crafting. In a nutshell we define it, as:

Inspiration. Design. Custom Tailored.
Since 1984

All things start with inspiration, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Yeah, the picture you found in a magazine a few years ago, the one tucked away for ” … someday I would like to have this !” – that one. And another one you snapped a picture of with a smart device – that one too.



The decision making part of having it made, well, you haven’t arrived to that yet. But if you’re reading these lines, you are a step closer. Thanks for stopping by ! And if you may have questions about the start of having a few pieces done, or about that inspiration that has brought you here, let us explore it further.

What’s next ? Design. The process that will define your own style. The tailored Roman shade you fell in love with, well, it wasn’t exactly the right color…, plus, your Breakfast room has many more windows then three.


WOW ! With raised eyebrows, we both stare at the picture you brought. Your question, ” … can it be done ?!” Our answer, ” YES ! Let’s get started ! Just how much do you love this rug ? ”


As the discussion reflects the rug being the anchoring color palette, integrating it is our focus, with a fabric that will not overwhelm by repetition the six windows. After researching the fabric sample library, and finding many ahhh’s and nohh’s, one comes to be ” …. this is IT !!”


From here on, we apply what we know best: Custom Tailored / tailoring one stitch at a time. But, that is our expertise and everything that we learned since 1984 applies. Starting with a precise field measure of each window – precise, especially for shades fitted inside the window.
Romans that will serve not only aesthetically, but as light control, lining is chosen carefully to obstruct as needed. On shades that are operated daily, a sturdy headrail applies, one that works the shade easy.


So, after about a good few days of cutting, ironing, stitching hems on sides and bottom, and a gazzilion rings, the shades take shape. With each having been ” christened” with a label of their own, a final inspection and an ear to ear smile for knowing that inspiration was worked into a design and custom tailored to perfection.


Installation day is the day when all our expertise goes on display. The day we put these Roman shades in place, the customer was not home, so excitement builds, but seeing jaws drop is always at a great satisfaction. Ours, and the customers.


And, they all fit ! And operate as they should !


Scraps put to good use, made a one of kind table runner and it is our gift that says : our gratitude for the opportunity to work with you !


Looking forward working with you soon !

Kristin M. - August 21, 2013 - 12:30 pm

Your work looks like something out of a magazine!! Beautiful!!

Debra Lagemann - August 22, 2013 - 4:28 am

BEAUTIFUL, my dear friend! Love ya, Debra

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Dream Suite Bedding

The art of relaxing has much preoccupied the mind, while benefiting the body, and it all starts with creating that personal private quarter, a refuge called our own – the Master Bedroom. From the moment one enters this space, the way it impacts us, transports us and our  being into a world suggesting ” …yeahh !” crafting this space with all that in mind is what we do !

This space was designed in mind with inspirations of seaside calmness, and breezes of Belize.

The enchantment and magic of Moroccan nights simplified, yet reminiscent of all that the customer loved about the rhythm of contrasting colors.

A Neo-Classical splendor achieved in natural Silk, allowing a quiet presence of the magnificent wrought iron bed, softened by lush textures.

The architectural display of the ceiling supplies an instant castle like chamber, while the bedding in rich Chenille and Velvet textures brings balance to an already spectacular bedroom.

Simple elegance in trendy colors and multiple textures, makes this room inviting.

Another spectacular ceiling suggesting a stately bedroom, with symmetrical treatments on either side of the bed.

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Before and After

A blank canvas can not be any more so then finding a bank of windows in a house under construction. It is the case in many instances, but unobstructed by either a previous window treatment, form and existing colors, a blank canvas is just that, an opportunity to create:

As soon as walking into this room, one is inspired by the upper row of windows and how inviting they are as a view of nature, and light. Creating a cozy atmosphere, the lower row comes into focus.

Arch windows by nature can be a challenging project, but in most instances the architectural form shouldn’t delegate the design. In the example below, having an over 24″ inch space above the window, treating the arch form would allow a short by height application.

Yet, this is an in-home Study, thus it’s decor had to incorporate the room to be part of the over all decor. The traditional swag board mounted high above, brought the eye level line up, giving back the room it’s height.

But, speaking of architecturally challenging windows, there are the ones that do dictate a design. We found this eye brow arch giving us a raised eye brow…

With plenty of wall space on either side, and a gorgeous back yard with a pool, it gave us the blank canvas to design operable draperies that stack outside the windows. Mounted on automated hardware, the remote control makes one happy customer.

And, there are the ones that makes us wonder WHY did the architect design it this way. Take for instance this enormous eye brow arch window, that as spectacular as it is, equal in creating a headache:

Once again, plenty of wall space to the rescue, the draperies can stack outside the window, and with a careful selection of a light background fabric, the transformation was stunning :

Then we find an arch wall with a chamber behind it….

… and it made a spectacular setting framing it only with pedestal panels

We are certain for where there is a window, there is a way and the more blank canvas, the better to start our creative juices.

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